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2021 Jan - Publications: over the years, ACP staff and graduates have produced many publications on their research, and the latest is a book published by the Hong Kong University Press, entitled Asian Revitalization: Adaptive Reuse in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore , edited by Dr. Katie Cummer (Founding Director of the BA(Conservation) programme and Prof. Lynne DiStefano (Co-founder of the MSc/PDip(Conservation) programme) with ACP teaching staff as contributing authors of various chapters.
2020 Jun - Publication: Dr. Ken Nicolson, ACP Adjunct Associate Professor credited for introducing the concept of cultural landscape to Hong Kong, published his third book on the topic: Water Driven: Revolutionary Cultural Landscapes (Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2020).
2020 Jun - Achievements: It's an understatement to say that a lot has happened in 2019-2020. For ACP, our staff and graduates have been winning awards (including the prestigious UNESCO Conservation Awards) and producing research publications - there are too many to list. An important development is ACP's on-going collaboration with UNESCO, with the Postgraduate Programme Director, Dr. Jennifer Lang, taking the lead.